E-waste recycling is essentially a systematic process of careful disposition of consumer electronics (CEEW) and IT products (ITEW) as well as other media-bearing assets. The aim, therefore, is protection of data by controlling intellectual assets and following the corporate risk management regulations prescribed by the CPCB(Central Pollution Control Board).

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Rplanet offers producers, importers and brand owners all the systems they need for collecting back the plastic generated by their products as per the State Pollution Control Board rules. We help in the process of transforming segregated plastic waste into a new product or raw material for producing new products, thereby ensuring, segregation, collection, storage, transportation, processing and disposal of plastic waste in accordance with the guidelines issued by Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB).

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With our electronic recycling and hard drive destruction services, we get the materials back into the world and not a landfill and save the mother earth. If your company needs to wipe out thousands of hard drives and secure the data on one of the devices before asset repurposing and recycling, RPlanet has a solution that will meet to keep your data safe under various compliance laws.

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At Rplanet integrated solution, we help our clients with high-end compliance management solutions. Starting from focusing on the legal arenas to letting the clients understand their liabilities regarding the protection of the laws when they’re heading for e-waste recycling process, and achieve the standards given under MOEF and supported by Ministry of electronics and information technology, to successfully manage their e-waste generation. Consider us your "operators of disposal facility from collection, reception, storage, and disposal of hazardous and other wastes."

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We ensure proper reverse logistics for recycling the e-waste collected from different electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) producer, consumer and manufacturers to ensure protected dismantling and recycling of the electronic and plastic wastes.

At Rplanet integrated solution, we provide high-end e-waste and plastic recycling services by following the laws and by implementing relevant technology for reducing the environmental threats.

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Our experts conduct programs at various organisations including schools and colleges and put up a powerful point that the critical condition of the environment can be resolved through effective recycling methodologies. In our will to support the National Skill Development Corporation we have also been able to undertake trainings for safe pre processing, disposal and recycling of the hazardous waste by the unskilled manpower.

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According to the governmental amendments, Producers must obtain EPR authorization from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to perform e waste recycling responsibly. RPlanet PRO assists you right from the authorization stage all the way to certification.

Why Choose RPlanet For Your EPR Needs?

RPlanet Integrated Solutions, being a recognised PRO makes up a perfect partner for shouldering the responsibility of completing the life cycle of a product. Our expert professionals help Producers/Brand Owners/Manufacturers meet EPR targets for plastic and e waste both right from EPR authorisation to certification. We can set up a collection mechanism for the material and also create awareness for the same.

We comply with the standard structure of human resources, collection facilities and infrastructure for collection, storage and transportation of the waste.

Join hands with us to be a responsible producer as under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 (as amended 2018) and as per the mandate given by E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 for all producers, online sellers and importers.